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Dear Back In Motion Chiropractic Family,


In these challenging times associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA; is issuing a statement reaffirming chiropractic as an essential healthcare service. ICA President, Stephen P. Welsh, DC, FICA stated, “While COVID-19 has everyone’s attention, it cannot be forgotten that health promotion and non-opioid pain management through chiropractic adjustments of the subluxation is essential and should not be curtailed or restricted because of this pandemic. With churches, schools, restaurants, museums being closed, the ICA reminds authorities that the offices of doctors of chiropractic should be treated no differently than the offices of medical doctors – as an essential health care service.”

The well-being of you and your family is our first priority. We are closely monitoring the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 and our office is taking all necessary precautions to keep you, your family, and our staff safe. These steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Requesting any patients and staff who are showing or have recently been exposed to anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 as listed by the CDC (fever, cough, shortness of breath) to reschedule any upcoming appointments and stay home.

  • Frequent disinfection of common areas, adjustment tables, equipment, etc.

  • Hand sanitizer is located throughout the office for patients to use as needed.

  • Face masks and gloves available upon request.

  • Our office is equipped with an industrial grade AiroCide™ System: "The AiroCide™ Air Quality Improvement System utilizes a unique combination of ultraviolet germicidal light (UVGI) and hydroxyl radicals inside the unit to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, spores. With this technology there is no residue or filtering system that may store pathogens."

Throughout these challenging times, we will continue to monitor the developments of COVID-19 and be in contact if there are any developments that would alter your essential chiropractic care. Until then, please remember to wash hands, maintain social distances, and be mindful of interactions with those around you. 


Health and Blessings,

Kenneth C. Morris, D.C., DACBSP
Andrea Fjeldahl, D.C.
Back In Motion Chiropractic Staff

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